A SAT-based CSP Solver Equipped with Hybrid Encoding integrating Order and Log Encodings.


  • Diet-Sugar is a SAT-based CSP Solver based on the Sugar solver, so it adopts XCSP format input including global constraints.
  • It can also accept Sugar CSP format.


  • The most appealing feature of Diet-Sugar is it uses hybrid encoding integrating the order and log encoding, which allows us to solve CSPs that contains small domain sized variable to large domain sized variables.

Experimental Evaluation



  • XCSP or Sugar CSP format can be used as the input of Diet-Sugar.

    $ sugar -hybrid -o hy* -solver PBSOLVER file.csp
  • The following hybrid options are currently available
    • encode all variables by order encoding
      • sugar -hybrid -o hy0 -solver PBSOLVER file.csp
    • endode all variables by log encoding
      • sugar -hybrid -o hy1 -solver PBSOLVER file.csp
    • encode 0-1 variables by log encoding and others are by order encoding.
      • sugar -hybrid -o hy2 -solver PBSOLVER file.csp
    • apply hybrid encoding according to domain sizes (0-1 variables are log-encoded)
      • sugar -hybrid -o hy3=<threshold> -solver PBSOLVER file.csp
    • apply hybrid encoding according to domain products (variables in 0-1 comparisons are log-encoded)
      • sugar -hybrid -o hy8=<threshold> -solver PBSOLVER file.csp


A Hybrid Encoding of CSP to SAT Integrating Order and Log Encodings

  • Takehide Soh, Mutsunori Banbara, Naoyuki Tamura
  • Proceedings of the 27th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 2015), to appear, IEEE Computer Society, 2015.


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Author: Takehide Soh

Created: 2018-10-15 月 17:16